Specialists of the company IPNET designed and tested a complex consisting of software from different vendors, and its own development, called the Automated System of Integrated Control (ASIC).

Structure ASIC selected in such a way that would provide a solution to most problems facing the automated control systems. In ASIC includes:

  • supervisory control system remote objects, which allows to combine into a single information space objects that
  • are at a considerable distance from each other.
  • SCADA real-time system.
  • resource accounting system (electricity, gas, water, heat and so on. d.)
  • Archiving and documentation system
  • data analysis unit
  • Among the important properties ASIC ability to provide distributed computing and the WEB-interface.

ASIC complex is allowed to create a whole family of standard solutions for various industries:

ASIC utilities – management system of housing and communal services. Single Center for collecting and processing information on the state of engineering systems, resource consumption. ASIC Housing has the ability to scale the system to control multiple buildings to monitor and control center infrastructure within the city, a few cities.
ASIC Hypermarket – soft hardware complex control engineering systems hypermarkets. Class Solution BMS supports the management of multiple sites, remote for a considerable distance. ASIC Hypermarket created as a response to the need for companies-retailers not only automatically control the engineering systems of the shops, but also to be able to get real-time to a central control room of the information from the BMS multiple objects, collect and analyze data on the consumption of energy.
ASIC “module to the” – independent device designed using solutions of software and hardware platform ASIC designed for the collection, storage and analysis of a limited number of meters (up to 4 lines), sufficient for the organization of accounting of energy resources in most small objects (house, a small office building, and so on. d.)