Voice Services and Products

IPNET is providing voice services to other carries and retail companies worldwide. We deliver traffic to all possible destinations in the world.

IPNET is offering Premium routing for those who require CLI and fax transmission or Wholesale routing. You are always welcome to discuss preferable rates for the required quality contacting our experienced sales team in order to get a special offer for to meet all your needs. We are flexible when it comes to individual approach to each client.

Whichever VoIP protocol you choose to get interconnected with us (SIP, H.323 or SS7), our highly qualified technical department will assist to get the best results and provide the maximum qualitative voice transmission our network.

We believe that quality is key to success, which is why our Network Operations Center is available 24/7. Our high skilled and experienced technical team constantly monitor our routes to prevent any errors and low statistics.

Why IPNET International Voice Termination?

A class 4 network based on state-of-the-art Sonus soft switch

Supports VoIP and TDM network access.

NGN enabled remote switching to keep regional traffic within the same region.

International Voice Termination features:

-Full interoperability between supported protocols.

-Guaranteed delivery of Premium Services, CLI, roaming and fax through direct connections to a growing list of more than 100 carriers.

-Dynamic call-routing changes ensure price and performance benefits are passed on to customers quickly.

-Proactive call and network monitoring to identify and restore potential problems to minimise user impact.

-Price-sensitive termination for Standard Service through more than 150 interconnected carriers.

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