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High-load websites development & business web applications
Corporate & niche collaborative platforms, social networks and media platforms
Enterprise web portals & Intranet platforms development
Single page web applications & cross-platform app development
Microservice architecture

“From social networking websites to complex enterprise platforms, IPNET is committed to deliver outstanding web solutions that streamline collaboration, enable digital connection with the target audience and make your products known and available to millions of buyers.”



Technologies we work with

We apply newest front-end & back-end development technologies and frameworks to our web projects in order to maximize cost efficiency and minimize time-to-market.



Ember.js is an open source JavaScript web framework that incorporates common idioms and best practices, and enables developers to create scalable single-page web applications.



Node.js is an open-source, multi-platform JavaScript runtime system designed to build scalable network applications. Built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.


Spring is a very popular open source framework that enables development teams build simple, portable and fast enterprise applications. This model combines the best single-tier frameworks to create coherent architecture. We use Spring to create high performing, easily testable, reusable and loose coupling enterprise applications.


Java is one of the most demanded programming languages used to create enterprise web applications and platforms. It is extremely flexible, allows writing the code that runs on any machine, regardless of architecture or platform.


Varnish is an open-source HTTP accelerator for content-heavy dynamic websites as well as heavily used APIs. It acts as a secure intermediary between all web requests and your web server (apache), which is why we use Varnish in web development to significantly speed up a website performance while reducing the load on the web server.


Hibernate is an open-source high-performance project and ORM solution for managing persistent data. ORM enables representation and conversion of data between the database and the object-oriented programming language, while Hibernate takes care of this mapping using XML files so that developer does not need to write code for this.


Designed by Google, GO is a free open source programming language that encourages good software engineering practices, making it easier to build simple, reliable, and efficient solutions.



Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool for testing and reporting on isolated changes in a larger code base in real time. By accelerating the software development process through automation, we can quickly find and solve defects in the code, and automate testing of the builds.


TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server. We use it to support various version control systems and build runners. This user-friendly solution allows us easily build and deploy to our development projects, track changes and test our progress.


Docker is an open-source application container platform that allows users to pack, distribute and manage Linux applications within containers, which brings simplicity, faster configuration and rapid deployment. This tool allows us to eliminate duplicate efforts while setting up developer environments or making copies of the production code.


Ansible is another configuration management tool used to orchestrate your IT infrastructure. It is a powerful engine that streamlines cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many more.


Originally designed by Google, Kubernetes is an open source platform that automates deployment, scalability and operations of app containers across clusters of hosts, delivering container-centric infrastructure.

Our approach and benefits

Our professional web developers apply the latest MVC and mobile frameworks, combined with DevOps approach to build the best web solutions, providing maximum responsiveness, data security, cross-platform compatibility and ergonomic UX.

MV* frameworks

We always take advantage of the latest frameworks to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. By extending our web development capabilities, we deliver high value solutions to our customers, allowing them to improve productivity.

Mobile app frameworks

By combining our BestShore delivery with deep technical expertise in mobile development, we create truly cross-platform applications up to 5 times faster using technologies such as Phonegap/Cordova..


Using DevOps approach smartly allows us to save up to 90% of efforts on deployments and server support. But more importantly – enable stable and predictable software building, testing and releasing processes.



“The Web is changing at light speed today, bringing new challenges to companies. IPNET turns these challenges into opportunities.”

Collaboration models

We offer our clients flexible options for working on software development projects. Choose the web development outsourcing model that matches your needs in a best way.


Strengthen own R&D team with a number of professional web & mobile developers that have expertise in various technologies without hiring them


Reducing development budget up to 50%


Time and material


Staff a project with a qualified remote team of specialists from different areas of development for the specific web project of several full-cycle projects


Save up to 75% of costs on projects with over 12 months’ development cycle


Time and material


Fully designed, implemented and managed web development project, MVP or a particular set of new features for the existing website


Lowered costs and reduced risks for smaller projects


Fixed Price

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