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PTMC trading platform

PTMC is a professional and powerful trading platform that provides easy access to the most diverse pools of liquidity and execution management systems. 

PTMC has combined intuitive charting and analytical functionality in one application which gives professional traders opportunities to execute their trades with high efficiency on different markets: Forex/CFDs, Stocks, Derivatives (Futures/Options), ETFs and ETNs.

Intuitive Charts

PTMC offers a large number of standard and advanced chart types, which allow analyzing markets from different sides. Among these chart types, traders can select:

  • Time-based and Tick charts

  • Renko, Kagi, Price range, Volume charts

  • Point & Figure, Heikin Ashi, Line Break

  • Cluster chart, Market Profile

High-precise analysis tools

Besides different chart types, PTMC offers a various volume analysis tools, which allow estimating the dominant forces on the market (buyers or sellers) in a customized price range or time period

PTMC volume analysis tools:

  • Volume Profiles, Bar Statistics

  • Volume Bars, Price Statistics

  • Real-time and historical Time & Sales

Order Execution

Our trading applications offer features specific to the professional traders’ needs. No matter you are a trader at a proprietary trading firm, hedge fund, financial institution, CTA, FCM, or a private trader, you will find PTMC suited to you. 

Through our trading platform you can execute different basic and smart order types which may help to limit risk, boost execution, provide price improvement, allow privacy, time the market and simplify the trading process.

Advanced drawing tools and studies

We offer traders a large number of drawing tools and technical indicators that allow to focus on the main reversal points, gaps, trends and other price movements. There are 60+ default indicators and a lot more, available on the Codebase section.

Option Master

It’s a powerful options analytics and trading module dedicated to professional option traders. This panel combines the detailed quote windows as well the ability to perform what-if analysis and evaluation of the volatility smile based on Vanna-Volga model. The more valuable features: 

● Advanced Options Modeling with What-If analysis 

● Professional Option Chains

● Predefined options strategies

● Volatility skew charts

● 3D volatility surface

● Option Greeks visualization 

● Option profiles with overlay charts

Environment for algo traders

Test your ideas before you trade on them. Use our extension for Visual Studio and get the opportunity to work in one of the most popular development environment. 

● Editor with syntax highlighting, auto complete and Intellisense

● Debug code right from the editor 

● Visualization of trading strategies testing and optimization. Manual testing mode 

● Different types of data aggregation: time, ticks, range, Renko, Kagi 

● Three-dimensional surface optimization

For traders who are accustomed to working with applications’ API, we offer access to almost all functions of our terminal: execution system, historical and real-time data, interface and much more.

Services for individuals:

Granting access to the analytical platform


Providing analytical reports with explanations

Trade support