IPNET Company offers a full range of system integration services in the field of building automation: from design to commissioning.

The traditional organization of the engineering equipment in the building is a set of autonomous systems that do not interact with each other and requiring personal service. The basic approach of the company IPNET to creating building automation systems – the maximum unification of engineering systems monitoring and control instruments in an integrated complex. Coordinated work in a single information space – that’s what we strive for.

In our understanding, building automation (BMS) is an integrated system of hardware and software. It is designed for remote centralized monitoring and automated control of building engineering systems from a single control point and decision support in the operation of buildings.

Application of ASCS
The use of automation and dispatching of buildings (BMS) offers significant advantages in the operation of buildings throughout their life cycle. This is achieved at the expense of effective centralized management of building infrastructure.

More efficient energy consumption (water, electricity, gas, etc.);
The safe and reliable operation of engineering systems, prevention of abnormal conditions and rapid response to emergencies;
High level of comfort for the people staying in the building;
Reduced operating costs.
Automation allows you to create a single building of infrastructure for efficient operation of engineering systems.

IPNET Company offers a full range of services for the development and implementation of automation systems and dispetcherezatsii buildings (BMS): design, engineering, installation supervision, commissioning, configuration, customization, testing, and subsequent service management systems.