Preparation for the validation tests

Realizing the importance of quality management for regulated industries, including pharmaceutical companies, IPNET company offers its customers services for the preparation of computerized systems to conduct validation activities.

The company’s specialists will help:

  • to develop the necessary instruments and techniques,
  • held in conjunction with the client certification and qualification testing of equipment and systems,
  • will provide consulting support during the validation tests.

The level of training of our staff allows to work not only in the perspective of validation, but also to carry out surveys and prepare for validation the existing computerized system.

Systems of automation of pharmaceutical production, SCADA

Today we all know that one of the ways to reduce costs and improve the quality of products is an exception to the process of human factors and the maximum use of automation. However, adjustable output, including pharmaceutical companies make on production processes, quality control equipment and strict requirements. With the introduction of computerized systems, this means that at least the architecture created by the system must assume the passage of validation tests and comply with GMP / GAMP requirements and working processes of development and implementation should take place on the V- model.

A team of specialists of the company IPNET, has extensive experience in the creation of automation systems for various applications, and the application is ready to provide customers with the design and creation of SCADA and computerized systems to monitor the parameters of the process equipment, supervisory control and analysis of collected data. From the very beginning of work on projects for pharmaceutical production, we adhere to the conditions of the subsequent passage of the validation test systems and ensure the creation of the necessary documentation.


Expansion of production, the transition to new processes, equipment obsolescence, changes in the requirements for the kontrolya- most common reasons requiring modernization or reconstruction of automated systems.

We are ready to help their customers:

  • To determine the usefulness of modernization.
  • Together choose the optimum in terms of cost of ownership, quality and compliance with standards of the option changes.
  • Run the supply, installation and configuration of the new elements of the system.
  • Make the necessary changes to the project and, where necessary, validation documentation.