The purpose of the project: the centralization of data collection, processing and analysis of technological information about power modes, providing guidance and operational tools of monitoring and scheduling of the current mode of the stations in terms of the processes and for the operation of the balancing market (BM), to integrate with adjacent and corporate enterprise-level systems.

The developed solution provides the control functions and monitoring of industrial processes parameters of the power station. IPNET specialists formed a technological infrastructure for data collection, processing and consolidating information from IT systems, provided the visualization, monitoring and control of production processes for generation and supply of electricity and heat. The solution allows you to monitor and control the production process deviations, realize calculation functions from the graphs of electricity supply and heat, the financial results of the work on NOREM.


  • continuous control of heat production parameters on CHP mimics a real-time calculation and monitoring of operational production KPI;
  • the creation of a common information space with corporate management systems;
  • centralized archive process information, providing unified access to data;
  • a single platform for the implementation of management tasks and optimize processes, production of electric and thermal energy;
  • ensuring all control units relevant and reliable information about the modes and observing BR schedules, including through an online storefront for guidance;
  • minimization of actual consumption or production deviations from the planned values on the BM and the prevention of fines for non-compliance of contractual quantities of heat supply to consumers.