Company IPNET performs design automation systems, building automation, traffic control systems, metering, integrated control systems and other automation systems.

Design of the control system is the first and necessary step in the process of system integration. From the adequacy of the project the real needs of the enterprise depends on the success of the operation of the automated system in the future. Years of experience in the market of ACS allows companies qualified professionals to survey existing enterprise systems to offer optimal solutions to meet individual customer needs.

PCS design includes the following steps:

  • predesign inspection process equipment (process) as the automation object;
  • revision of the existing measuring sensors and actuators;
  • development of technical specifications for the development and implementation of process control systems;
  • development of project documentation in accordance with RD 50-34.698-90 (AUTOMATED SYSTEMS – REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONTENT OF DOCUMENT);
  • development of application software;
  • examination and approval of the project.

Designing of the automated process control systems of technological processes is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the IPNET company based on the latest technologies as well as hardware and software.

The rich experience of corporate engineers includes the development of many successful automation projects for industrial, power and transportation enterprises, utility, office and shopping centersand other facilities that require modern technology maintenance.