IPNET Company provides a full range of services for the implementation of automation systems in industrial plants.

Automatic Process Control System (PCS) is a set of software and hardware that allows for automatic control of real-time production.

It is necessary to distinguish PCS from the automated control system, which enables remote control of process equipment for the operator’s commands. Unlike the automated, self-regulating automatic means of automation on specified algorithms without human intervention.

The introduction of automation systems can significantly increase the efficiency of the entire set of business processes, in particular to improve the following key indicators:

reduce the number of accidents and downtime;
reduce repair costs through rapid identification of faults and reduce the complexity of operation;
increase labor productivity of employees at the expense of duplicate functions, operational data sharing and centralized coordination process participants;
improve the quality of products manufactured by the enterprise and ensure its competitiveness in the market;
improve working conditions and improve safety in the production due to reduction of “manual” function, and reduce the influence of the human factor.
The life of such systems is calculated for decades, so the implemented solutions must not only meet the current needs of the enterprise, but also the flexibility to be subject to revision by the possible changes in the workplace. Implementation of APCS – a crucial step that requires analysis of many factors, such as system functionality, reliability, payback, service complexity, development prospects.

IPNET Company has many years of experience in system integration and all the necessary resources for the development and implementation of automated process control system “turnkey”. The range of work undertaken includes the following steps:

programming of SCADA-system;
installation supervision;
All engineers are trained and certified companies – leading manufacturers of equipment and software for automation systems, such as: Metso Automation Inc., TRICONEX, YOKOGAWA, SIEMENS, SAUTER, Weishaupt, Schneider Electric, Spirax Sarco, TAC, Iconics, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.