Company «IPNET» offers the latest 3D-scheduling technology for physical and information security data centers.

The use of 3D data centers dispatching systems from the company «IPNET» gives you the opportunity to:

  • It is essential to increase the reliability of the data center.
  • Time Spent reduce equipment operating under critical conditions, and as a result, reduce the cost of unscheduled repairs.
  • To increase the efficiency of the control room and technical services.

Be always aware of the detailed status of all subsystems of the data center from anywhere in the world.
One of the main components to ensure uninterrupted data center is a continuous monitoring and diagnosis of complex engineering infrastructure of its life-support, which is part of a single uninterrupted operation of the system software (SOBE DPC).

Company «IPNET» in recent years carried out a number of industrial deployments dispatching systems of different objects using 3D technology. These solutions are based on the use of SCADA-system of the latest generation of ICONICS GENESIS64.

Our experience of practical application of innovative solutions in this field allows you to quickly adapt to your data center model industrial solution and put into operation a highly automated system of dispatching management. The introduction of such a scheduling system allows not only to monitor the parameters of data center support systems, but also to predict, prevent emergency situations in the data center, thereby increasing their reliability, making the controllers more efficient. We pay particular attention to the timely awareness of emergency situations of technical personnel data center, and in the event of a serious accident – its management. To do this, apply a variety of multimedia message delivery channels such as SMS alerts, e-mailing and voice mail, pop-ups and running lines on staff computers, as well as the organization of remote Internet access to the scheduling system.

Application of 3D-technology allows the dispatcher to psychologically “to be” within the controlled object, increasing comfort, the ability to quickly make the right decisions and, consequently, increase economic efficiency.