Creation of automated power accounting systems with energy management elements (ASTUE)

Objectives: To create an automated power accounting systems with energy management elements (ASTUE) facilities Energy oil pipeline.

ASTUE company “Transneft-East” is intended for automation of power accounting processes and planning of electricity, operational dispatch management of power supply and power quality monitoring. Also, automated decision support for the optimization of the composition, operation and planning of electric equipment repairs on the basis of assessments of the status of electrical equipment and the analysis of historical data about the parameters and power consumption mode.

IPNET specialists carried out the supply, installation, commissioning and acceptance tests of the system.


  • reducing the number of accidents and incidents in the enterprise energy management by monitoring the electrical status and operational energy management facilities;
  • reducing energy costs by monitoring and energy management, improving the accuracy and efficiency of energy facilities planning;
  • ability to schedule maintenance and repair of electrical equipment in its actual technical condition.