Create scheduling systems is one of the key activities of the company IPNET.

Management System is a set of hardware and software that enables remote management of engineering systems of one or more objects.

Automated dispatch control system (ADCS) is necessary for the control of the engineering equipment, geographically located in diverse and hard to reach places. As a rule, included in the scheduling of multi-functional facility management system with sophisticated engineering infrastructure, such as office buildings, shopping centers and industrial complexes and other industrial enterprises.

The dispatching system following subsystems can be included: electricity, gas, heat and water metering of energy resources, security and fire alarm, fire extinguishing and smoke removal system, ventilation and air conditioning, video surveillance, access control and management, and other lift facilities.

The essence of the scheduling is to visualize information on the operation of engineering systems and providing the operator to directly control the equipment from the control room. The status information of the engineering equipment received from the local controllers and automation are transmitted to the server. Treated process data with the required analytical information provided to the scheduling server and displayed on the computer screen to the operator in a visual dynamic graphics.

Data collected and processed by the supervisor, are formed in different types of messages that are archived in long term storage. On the basis of the information available at any time, reports are generated.

scheduling system provides key advantages in the management of the object:

permanent centralized control of engineering systems;
rapid response in emergency situations;
reducing the influence of the human factor;
workflow optimization, and reporting systems.
Company IPNET implements scheduling projects. Along with the usual systems the company offers a dispatch system with three-dimensional visualization solutions based on a new generation of GENESIS64. This is a qualitatively new level of supervisory monitoring capabilities, which allows the operator to view a realistic image of the object with all parameters tied to specific nodes. Manager can change interactively visualized detail of objects, removing elements of the buildings, facilities and viewing them from the inside. Three-dimensional imaging will allow for navigation through a virtual image of the object, it offers animation tools and dynamics of three-dimensional images and other advantages of 3D-technology.