Objectives: To realize nets business LAN and system of production networks with using automation switchboards.

This project was developed in Ankara, Turkey. Our team completed this task at the highest level.
IPNET has implemented online solutions of net Wireless e/o integration and extensions LAN for the supervision of lines and cars of production, as well as Services of Messaging and management of local server, through the wiring structured copper and fiber optics.

Our advantages:

IPNET has qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment in order to realize electric pictures of any type and dimension, concerning the automation, the small one and the great distribution.

All the switchboards have on board a document that follows them from the carpentry of the plate up to pack it, that allows keeping informed workers and technical office on the workmanship. Every ended switchboard is tested and checked with the purpose to release a declaration of conformity combined to the electric scheme.