Client: Administration of Troitsk.

Project: implemented an automated quality control system (ASKK) provision of public services to the population of the town of Troitsk.

Project goal: to ensure the provision of operational and historical information about the state of public utilities of the city.

Implementation: in the project used the standard scheme of automated information measurement system (AIMS), which includes three levels:

  • the level of data collection and processing center (TSSOD);
  • level of data acquisition and transmission units (RTU);
  • the level of primary converters.
  • To implement the system using the platform software and hardware complex of one of the leading manufacturers.

When choosing the system hardware space needed to comply with a number of requirements. IPNET Engineers carried out a detailed inspection of objects, choose the place of installation of control and metering devices. In many cases, it was associated with the construction of new measurement sites (straight sections of pipe before and after the installation of the flow meter used to produce a laminar flow of the liquid being measured). Windows of many objects, which may install converters are so small that the measuring sites were to be placed perpendicular to the pipe.
For each object, the system issued the necessary working documents on accounting subsystem and a local point of information gathering.

Each building in the cold water piping, hot water and heating installed flow meters and temperature sensors. Electricity meters are installed for each connection, and one general – on the subject. Flow meters, temperature sensors and electric meters are connected to the DRC “ASKK”.
DRC “ASKK” collects, pre-processes and re provides information about the state of the object on request from the level TSSOD. As used local urban local provider communication network as a channel of the upper and mid-level communication.
In a single control center (EDTS) established polling servers and a database server.