WordPress Divi Theme Code Injection Vulnerability

Elegant Themes announced that several of their products contained a code injection vulnerability and should be updated right away. The vulnerability allows an untrustworthy user to execute PHP functions. Divi is a popular WordPress theme that is widely used around the world. It’s important that publishers update their theme and […]

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When to Use Data Science in SEO

Data science comes closer to SEO every day. Data science, and more exactly artificial intelligence, isn’t new, but it has become trendy in our industry over the past few years. In this article, I will briefly introduce the main concepts of data science through machine learning and also answer the […]

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Google Encourages to Differentiate Your Site

A publisher tweeted a question to Google’s John Mueller about commodity content. John Mueller’s response gave the general direction of what to do when your site content is the same as the content on competitor sites. But his advice is applicable to any site that wants to be better than […]

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Dot Org Registry Sold to an Investment Firm

The non-profit organization that manages the dot ORG domain registry has been sold to a for-profit investment firm. Some are fearful that the cost of dot ORG domains will rise because the non-profit that manages the entire domain name system, ICANN, recently changed the rules to allow the owners of […]

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What is JavaScript? The full stack programming language

JavaScript is a wildly popular interpreted scripting language that in early 2019 became the language most frequently learned by developers. JavaScript is an open standard, not controlled by any single vendor, with numerous implementations and an easy-to-learn syntax that makes it popular with beginners and veteran developers alike. JavaScript dates from […]

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Microsoft proposes Static TypeScript for embedded systems

Microsoft is proposing a subset of TypeScript, the company’s popular typed superset of JavaScript, and its compiler/linker toolchain for use in embedded computing. In a paper titled, “Static TypeScript: An Implementation of a Static Compiler for the TypeScript Language,” Microsoft researchers describe a Static TypeScript system and the challenges of implementing embedded programming platforms […]

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