Google Phases Out How-To Rich Results

In a move aimed at streamlining search results, Google has decided to phase out the How-To rich results. Despite the announcement, the schema for How-To remains available, but it won’t enhance search results. Google’s motivation for this change is centered around decluttering its search pages. Understanding How-To Rich Results Previously, […]

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Google Initiates Core Update for August 2023

Google has begun the deployment of its August 2023 primary search engine revision, with the process expected to span several weeks. Google has made it public that they have initiated their August 2023 main algorithm revision. Upon the culmination of this update, the search giant confirmed that it will refresh […]

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Google Search Implements Updates and Fixes for Site Name Feature

Following extensive dissatisfaction with the new Site Names feature in Google search, the tech giant has introduced some much-needed enhancements. Google has announced key updates to the site names feature in Google Search. The feature, which represents the title and name of a website displayed in search result listings, is […]

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Google’s Response to User Discontent and Reddit Blackouts

Google has acknowledged user dissatisfaction with its current search experience in light of recent Reddit blackouts. To address these concerns, Google has implemented measures to enhance its search engine results. One such measure is the introduction of the “Perspectives” feature, which aims to provide users with more comprehensive answers. The […]

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Google To Remove Inactive Accounts

Google’s new policy aims to remove inactive accounts that have been dormant for two years. Starting from December 2023, personal Google accounts that have not been engaged with for an extended period will be deleted. This policy update has implications for businesses, particularly those that rely on personal Google accounts […]

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Neeva, The Ad-Free Search Engine, Announces Closure

Neeva, a search engine known for its ad-free and privacy-focused approach, has made the surprising announcement of shutting down its consumer search operations. The company, which was founded by former Google executives Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, revealed this decision on its official website. Neeva was launched in 2019 with […]

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