Google Search Console Data for Most of April is Inaccurate

Google has alerted site owners that nearly all of last month’s reports in Search Console were affected by a data outage.

A data outage occurred between April 9-25. The problem was fixed on April 26, however, the data was not recovered.

All missing data from April 9-25 was replaced with the data from April 26. So that means there’s over half a month of bad data in Search Console.

The only report that isn’t affected is the Performance report.

Clearly, this is important for site owners to be aware of. It’s also important for clients to be aware of.

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When preparing monthly client reports for April, make sure to add a note about the missing/incorrect data.

In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, Google said the missing data is related to last month’s indexing bug.

The bug was said to be fixed at the end of April. Apparently, that meant everything will work going forward, but the missing data will not be recovered.