Google Wants Your SEO Questions for a Series of Q&A Videos

Short Q&A videos used to be a staple of Google’s webmaster outreach efforts back when Matt Cutts was the head of webspam. This outreach tactic fell to the wayside when Cutts left Google to pursue other career interests.

In lieu of Q&A videos, Google has been regularly conducting webmaster hangouts which everyone is free to attend and ask questions.

At around an hour in length, however, webmaster hangouts are not a perfect replacement for Matt Cutts’ short-form videos.

Unlike webmaster hangouts, in which all attendees are identified by their Google account, questions for the new series of Q&A videos can be asked anonymously.

The only required field in Google’s Q&A submission form is “Your burning question.” Whether or not you want to include your name and location is optional.

Google notes that site-specific questions will not be answered in these videos. The company is looking for more generalized questions all webmasters can potentially benefit from.

For site-specific questions, Google invites you to visit the webmaster help forum.

Also note Google’s wording at the top of the form (emphasis mine): “We’re considering rolling another round of Question & Answer videos for the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel.”

It sounds like Google is not 100% sure about producing these series of videos yet. Will it depend on the quality of questions submitted?

For the best chance of having your question answered, I would recommend checking out Google’s webmaster central YouTube channel to make sure it hasn’t already been asked in a previous video.