Huawei Unveils Latest Developments in HMS for Global Developers at MWC 2022

Marking a significant presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to supporting developers with the introduction of several groundbreaking developments. These include PC versions of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, AI Search, AppGallery, HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY, and Petal Search, enhanced specifically for AR Glasses.

With a focus on assisting developers in achieving business success, Huawei showcased how these innovative capabilities seamlessly integrate with Huawei hardware to deliver a more immersive digital experience across various devices.

A Comprehensive Platform for Global Developers

As a leading service platform developer, HUAWEI DEVELOPERS offers an all-encompassing range of services, covering development, testing, promotion, monetization, and beyond. HUAWEI AppGallery Connect, a part of this platform, provides extensive resources to developers globally, covering ideation, development, distribution, operation, and data analytics.

HMS Core collaborates with the developer community to foster collaborative innovation, providing a free toolbox that includes the AR Engine, 3D Modeling Kit, Audio Editor kit, and more. Initiatives like HUAWEI Women Developers, HUAWEI Developer Academy, HMS Apps Up innovation contest, and the Shining Star program further demonstrate Huawei’s commitment to building a strong community and finding solutions together with its partners.

HUAWEI Ads facilitates developers in reaching users through HUAWEI Mobile Services preinstalled on Huawei devices, leveraging platforms like AppGallery, Petal Search, HUAWEI Video, and HUAWEI Music. With more than 36,000 third-party publishers aggregated, HUAWEI Ads contributes to the expansive HMS ecosystem worldwide.

Innovative Solutions at MWC 2022

At MWC, Huawei demonstrated how developers can leverage the innovative products and technologies of HMS, coupled with its vast and growing ecosystem, to enhance their digital service offerings.

New smart solutions focused on Smart Office capabilities and the latest hardware were introduced, with demonstrations at the HMS Ecosystem Exhibition Area. Notably, the introduction of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for PC, available in over 20 countries, offers cross-device and live-sync capabilities, enhancing users’ ability to work seamlessly across devices.

HMS for PC, debuting at MWC, extends services like AppGallery to PCs, providing convenience to users in Spain and Italy, and AI Search enables precise and efficient browsing of local or network files across devices.

The unveiling of HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY, a powerful smart assistant for accessing real-time information with intelligent recommendations, further enriches the user experience.

Additionally, with the launch of HUAWEI MatePad Paper, offering over 2 million diverse selections from leading content partners through HUAWEI Books, the cross-device experience within the HMS Ecosystem is set to expand.

Petal Search and Petal Maps Elevate Developer Capabilities

Petal Search, in collaboration with developer partners, has transformed the search experience, delivering high-quality content and services for users. Petal Search’s cooperation with over 3,000 industry partners aims to enhance the local search experience.

At MWC 2022, Petal Maps showcased smartphone hardware and intelligent algorithms that enhance accurate positioning capabilities, providing users with an intuitive navigation experience. The Petal Maps Platform offers developers and businesses opportunities for commercial success.

Huawei’s commitment to global partnerships was underscored with the exhibition of AR Glasses at MWC 2022. Collaborating with global partners, Petal Search demonstrated next-level AR Search capabilities via AR Glasses, showcasing multimodal search capabilities, including visual, voice, and real-time translation.

Aiming for an All-Connected Future

Huawei’s support for developers through innovation and services is a continuous effort to help them succeed. Looking ahead, Huawei intends to broaden its capabilities and strengthen partnerships with developers, enriching the HMS ecosystem globally. This includes expanding AppGallery, HMS Core, and its Five HMS basic service engines. The vision is to forge an all-connected future, where Huawei plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape.