Jenkins Blue Ocean UI to provide code quality insights

Blue Ocean, the new user interface for the popular Jenkins continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, will begin incorporating insights into code quality trends and static analyses, under an improvement plan detailed this week by the project’s creator.

The goal is to improve the developer’s visibility into the health of software projects, Blue Ocean creator James Dumay, director of project management at Jenkins technology vendor CloudBees, said. Plans also call for expanding the capabilities of Blue Ocean’s visual pipeline editor to better match what is available in Jenkins’ declarative pipelines for software delivery. The development team intends to outfit Blue Ocean with these capabilities in the next six to 12 months.

“There’s a bit of a potential gap today between what’s available to the developers in the [Blue Ocean] pipeline editor and what’s actually available in Jenkins as a platform, so we want to really close that gap,” Dumay said.

The goal behind Blue Ocean was to give anyone who can write code the ability to create CD pipelines while not limiting usage to just developers. The modern UI is intended to reduce clutter while increasing clarity, providing visualizations of CD pipelines as well as a visual pipeline editor. Version 1.2 of Blue Ocean, which was unveiled this week, features integration with the Atlassian Bitbucket distributed version control system.