Unleash Your Editors: VS Code 1.85 Brings Floating Freedom

Forget confined coding. Visual Studio Code 1.85 lets you break the shackles of the main window and unleash your editors into the wild world of floating freedom. Drag and drop them wherever your coding fancy takes you – desktop, second monitor, maybe even your cat’s favorite sunbeam. Changes in one window magically echo across them all, keeping your code in perfect sync.

But this update isn’t just about window wanderlust. VS Code 1.85 also welcomes JavaScript heap snapshots as honored guests. Visualize them in glorious detail, both as neat little tables and mesmerizing graphs that reveal the intricate web of memory relationships. No more cryptic snapshots hiding their secrets!

This release comes hot on the heels of VS Code 1.84’s audio cheer squad and boasts a trove of other goodies:

  • Keyboard whisperer: Tooltips guide your fingers on Activity Bar and Status Bar items, even if you haven’t clicked.
  • Interactive inlay hints: Talk back to your JavaScript and TypeScript inlays – no more one-way conversations!
  • Picky updater: Choose which extensions get the auto-update treatment, keeping your update flow just right.
  • Python type explorer: Trace the intricate paths of types in your sprawling Python project with Pylance, like Indiana Jones navigating a temple of code.
  • Source control clarity: Incoming and outgoing changes for your branch stand out boldly in the Source Control section, so you know exactly what’s going on.
  • Copilot’s memory lane: Your chat history with GitHub Copilot sticks around between VS Code sessions, making your AI coding buddy feel more, well, familiar.
  • Sticky scroll everywhere: Tree views, rejoice! Sticky scroll embraces you too, making project navigation a breeze (no pun intended).
  • Multi-diff mayhem (preview): Compare changes across multiple files in one glorious, scrollable view. Dive into the tangled web of edits headfirst, with confidence!

Visual Studio Code 1.85 is your invitation to ditch the confines and code with newfound freedom. Unleash your editors, explore JavaScript’s memory depths, and discover a world of enhanced development joy. Download it now and let the coding chaos commence!