I might have noticed a trend or two in web design this last year. Let me rephrase that: I spend the vast majority of my time online. I do my shopping, here, and my work, and a lot of my leisure reading. I browse the Internet mid-gaming, whether to look up information on the game […]

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Content KPIs: Are You Measuring Your Content Correctly?

Too often we find ourselves producing content piece after content piece without ever once defining what the goal of the content is. If you’re about to create a new piece of content and haven’t yet asked yourself why you’re creating this content, do so and do it now. While you’re at it, ask yourself the following questions […]

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What’s New for Designers, November 2017

#CODEVEMBER November is #Codevember with a coding challenge for all designers this month. There’s a new challenge each day—you can play catch up—that will help you stretch your creative muscles. Each day includes a code prompt. Create a sketch each day during the month, share (using #codevember) and browse other designs. You can also find it on […]

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